Powertech Batteries is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Altron Group and its core business includes the manufacture and distribution of batteries and DC power systems. The manufacturing operation and offices are situated in Port Elizabeth. The company concentrated initially on the manufacture of automotive batteries and very soon gained an enviable reputation for the excellence of its product quality. 

Latest News

ALTRON finalises disposal of Powertech Transformer

JSE-listed Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (Altron) today announced that it has finalised the disposal of its 80% interest in Powertech Transformers Proprietary Limited (Powertec... read more

Bursary Advertisement for the 2018 Academic Year

Powertech Transformers (Pty) Ltd invites all learners and students who are South African citizens and who desire to study or are studying on full-time basis at tertiary institution... read more

Powertech Batteries wins silver and bronze at Automechanika:

Powertech Batteries, and Willard Batteries in particular, is proud to announce the winning of a silver and a bronze award for its stand at this year’s Automechanika.

Points were allocated for visual appeal, construction, collateral, such as marketing material handed out to visitors, and ease of access.

The stand showcased Willard Batteries’ second limited edition battery in a year, the Willard Batteries Limited Edition Rhino Battery.

The battery is a product of internal impetus within Powertech Batteries to innovate and create new forms of technology.

Research and development carried out over the last couple of years has seen the introduction of new technologies such as rollover technology, patented sealed maintenance-free designs, extended product range designs, the production of the limited edition Pink Battery range, and now, the robust limited edition Rhino Battery rang read more

Powertech Batteries Distribution Centre:

The warehouse floor space measures 8,300 m2 and accommodates automotive batteries, industrial batteries, Battery Technologies’ rectifiers and UPS’s, Rentech’s solar products as well as a selection of Enersys Powertech’s industrial products. A total of 3320 pallet spaces are currently available, with ample room for future expansion. The Centre has already achieved ISO 140001 and ISO 18001 certification, and should also receive its ISO 9001 Quality Listing in t read more

Automotive Products

Sabat Batteries:

From batteries for boats and jet skis, to batteries for cars and quad bikes, SABAT Batteries has positioned itself as the lifestyle battery of choice. read more

Willard Batteries:

The Willard Batteries brand has become well known in many diverse areas of the industrial market throughout sub Saharan Africa. read more

HiFase Batteries:

HiFase and Willard Batteries are identical in every way other than in name, both giving customers “The Power of Technology”. read more