Powertech Batteries wins silver and bronze at Automechanika

Powertech Batteries, and Willard Batteries in particular, is proud to announce the winning of a silver and a bronze award for its stand at this year’s Automechanika.

Points were allocated for visual appeal, construction, collateral, such as marketing material handed out to visitors, and ease of access.

The stand showcased Willard Batteries’ second limited edition battery in a year, the Willard Batteries Limited Edition Rhino Battery.

The battery is a product of internal impetus within Powertech Batteries to innovate and create new forms of technology.

Research and development carried out over the last couple of years has seen the introduction of new technologies such as rollover technology, patented sealed maintenance-free designs, extended product range designs, the production of the limited edition Pink Battery range, and now, the robust limited edition Rhino Battery range.