Powertech Batteries is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Altron Group and its core business includes the manufacture and distribution of batteries and DC power systems.

The manufacturing operation and offices are situated in Port Elizabeth. The company concentrated initially on the manufacture of automotive batteries and very soon gained an enviable reputation for the excellence of its product quality.

Powertech Batteries and Enersys joined forces in 2012 in a powerful Joint Venture. Enersys has manufacturing and assembly facilities in 20 countries. Combined with the Willard Batteries Industrial footprint, resources and expertise, the Southern African industrial market now has world-leading stored power solutions developed using the most advanced technologies available.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of premium quality automotive batteries to the replacement and OEM parts market, the Willard Batteries brand has become well known in many diverse areas of the industrial market throughout sub Saharan Africa.

SABAT Batteries' positioning of being the lifestyle accessory of choice, has seen the brand flourish with the younger generation, particularly the outdoor enthusiasts - the bikes, quads, jet ski and leisure brigade who look for reliable performance from a brand they can trust.

This lifestyle - which starts with SABAT Batteries - is characterised by a driving passion for their chosen interest, and SABAT has committed itself to serving this passion through its range of batteries.

When it comes to replacing your battery, selecting the right one can make all the difference between a battery you rarely think of, and one that becomes a constant source of frustration. With Powertech Batteries, choosing a battery is simple. Use the selection guide by choosing the specifics of your vehicle from the drop down menus to determine which battery best suits your vehicle. Then press “select”, and get the right battery for your car.

Part of Powertech Batteries’ commitment to fulfilling its corporate, social and environmental obligations, involves its participation in the global fight for a greener, more hospitable planet.

Willard Batteries has been doing this through its “Go Green, Go Willard” campaign in collaboration with Food & Trees for Africa, an award winning, non-profit organization, widely respected locally and abroad.

This involves the recycling of scrap lead-acid batteries and the planting of trees, bamboo and food gardens in denuded urban areas.

SABAT Batteries has nurtured a lasting relationship with the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA) and its Director Ari Seirlis, sponsoring all members who use power wheelchairs with batteries to keep them mobile.